complex 3D scene lighting in Vue

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Example of the importance of scene lighting

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We start with a typical sci-fi sun lighted scene and then add depth, drama, meaning and realism by changing only the lighting.

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From default sunlight to complex artificial light

In the PDF tutorial presened below, the idea is to start with a complex but typical 3D scene having a simple default lighting scheme (a Spectral atmosphere with just one light source - the midday sun). I set the sun azimuth to 180º and pitch to 23º. The lighting model is Radiosity.

In 3 steps, I go through a series of lighting changes and show the renders. We end with a complex lighting scheme of 20 light sources - enough to cause and cure plenty of challenges.

"Light Curve" Filters

I also discuss the powerful Vue Infinite "Light Curves" and show examples of how to do some awesome tricks with them - like making light brighter or dimmer or different colors at specific distance ranges away from the light source.

Skill Level

This is not a step-by-step tutorial. It assumes intermediate level knowledge of Vue lighting. Many lighting details aren't included - only the lighting scheme concepts, and a few of my methods that may be uncommon.

View the full PDF Tutorial

Learn not only scene lighting details, but also the full story on making your own powerful custom light curves.

Before and after imagesDefault lighting scheme - 1 light.

Final lighting scheme - 14 lights.

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